280 participants

31 regions of Russia

Greco-Roman wrestling

  • 63 kg - 1 in Arsene Gspoyan
  • 76 kg-1 in Denis Nesterov
  • 100kg-Makushin Sergei 1st place
  • Pavel Vasilyev 120kg-1 in
  • 120kg-Mitrofanov Vitaly 3rd place



At Fox, "Red Hill" was held 10 Russian tournament in Greco-Roman wrestling. Was attended by 104 athletes from 17 regions in seven weight categories.

At Fox, "Red Hill" was held 10 Russian tournament in Greco-Roman wrestling.
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Competition 1
Grand Prix "Ivan Poddubny." Greco-Roman wrestling. Tyumen.
Competition 2
Golden Grand Prix "Ivan Yarygin." And women's freestyle wrestling. Krasnoyarsk.
Competition 3
World Cup. Greco-Roman wrestling. Belarus (Minsk).
Competition 4
World Cup. Greco-Roman wrestling. Belarus (Minsk).
  • Freestyle wrestling, Greco - Roman wrestling

    Greco - Roman wrestling is a type of martial arts, part of which is a confrontation between two wrestlers through various techniques. In Greco-Roman wrestling, unlike wrestling, prohibits any grips below the belt, as well as the impact of feet on the opponent's legs (running boards, locks, etc.). In particular, this sport is the application of techniques necessary above the waist, and victory is achieved by pressing a rival back to the mat.

    This sport, as Greco - Roman wrestling, exists and is being developed under the jurisdiction of the International Amateur Wrestling Federation (FILA), and included in the Olympics.

    Wrestling, connected the the best practices of the national struggle is based on the types of rules, strongly reminiscent of the rules in the Greco - Roman wrestling. This allowed for the seizure of his feet, as well as various techniques to the action of the legs. The ultimate goal is also reminiscent of Greco - Roman wrestling: to put an opponent on the shoulder, or to win a large number of points. Greater freedom of action gives the wrestlers wrestling entertainment and temperament.

    I would like to note that freestyle and Greco Roman Wrestling suitable for almost everyone. These sports can be engaged and lightweight, and middleweight, and heavyweight, both male and female. This is one of the few sports that is suitable for such a wide range of people.

    Nizhny Novgorod Regional Federation Greco - Roman and freestyle wrestling invites anyone who is not indifferent to such a wonderful sport, like wrestling. Here you will learn how to control the body and begin to develop muscle mass.

    The frequency of training several times a week, but you can do and more. I would like also to notice that the achievement of positive results in the fight, exactly as in other spheres of life, requires regular practice and work on them. Classes on Freestyle and Greco - Roman Wrestling conducted by experienced trainers, and the presence of different groups (children, secondary, adult), allows you to vary the load and to engage in the struggle for people of all ages.